On Writing After Grad School: The Paint Swatch Project

One of the things I have a difficult time with is understanding how to meld together what sometimes feels like different worlds: my creative, sacred space of writing and my more logical, tangible “real” world of work and the everyday.

I am still in the process of learning how to create that time for myself to, well, create. No one will give me that time, so I must search for and give it to myself.

Thus, when I find something that compels me to write, I hold onto it. I try my best not to try and understand the project, but to just let it be a space for generating without editing.

Thus, the importance of the Paint Swatch Project.

I have a bunch of paint swatches with whimsical, narrative-evoking names. From these paint swatches, I want to see what stories or poems come from them. Right now I’m working on poems, but I wonder if perhaps flash fiction can emerge from these, too. My main draw to the Paint Swatch Project, though, is that it’s been helping me to generate work. I have no idea what will, or even if anything will come of this project, but it’s getting me to write more often. To descend into a world where my mind and emotions and intuition–my past, present, and future–all swirl together.


After Midnight

The dark, marled–

sneaks under door

ways. The path to dreams

opened, yawns. After

midnight the moon is

a harmony. In sleep

find a calm





What does the witch brew?

Soft hands crush

lavender. Mustard seeds split

open. Rose quartz

swims in

oil. She swirls future

with past.

She hands the ember

to you.


One thought on “On Writing After Grad School: The Paint Swatch Project

  1. Interesting concept! I really like the poems you’ve done so far. They are very evocative and the color swatch adds a visual layer to each. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next 🙂

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