The greatest act of strength

For quite awhile now I’ve been playing around with the idea of having a website attached to my name and identity as a writer and editor.

I have many reasons:

1. Networking – If I have readings and if someone asks “Where can I find more of your work?” I can direct them to this site.

2. Professional Growth – In the present day, it’s not real if it’s not on the internet. I’ve had blogs in the past–from a blogspot to a blog here on WordPress–but a website is a mixture of personal and professional. I want to share my thoughts on literature, writing, and community, but in a more polished, mindful, and critical way than I’ve done in the past.

3. Community – I want there to be a space for me to share my voice and stories with other writers struggling to find community and a space in what can oftentimes be an unwelcoming/clique-y literary world. I also believe it’s important to share these same stories with readers and fellow humans–not everyone is a writer but everyone understands the struggle to have a voice, the struggle to show emotion, and even just the struggle itself. I understand that sometimes just knowing that someone else has similar experiences, similar obstacles, can help soothe the heart and spirit.

4. Personal Growth – I promised myself at the beginning of this year that I would live by a credo: to practice being my most authentic, genuine, and sincere self. That I owed that to the people I love, to the communities I work in, to my writing, and most importantly to myself. Even if I didn’t always succeed–if every day was a new day to challenge myself to not hide behind what I felt others expected of me, but instead to act and give in ways that I was happy and willing to do, to speak up for myself and to validate my own feelings–then that day was just another part of my journey and my evolution as a woman. I strive to always be open and vulnerable and sincere, because through the course of my life I’ve realized that being honest with your emotions is the greatest act of strength.

So, welcome.